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About us

Imagination is a custom content agency in Chicago. We work with Fortune 500 brands, associations and non-profit organizations to help create and strengthen relationships with their customers using quality, targeted content. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

We have grown Facebook Fan Pages from zero to more than one million in less than 18 months. We have launched monthly custom magazines with upwards of 52 versions. We’ve created content vehicles that speak to moms, cooks, swimming pool owners, headache sufferers, technologists, nurses, physicians, metal executives, newscasters, librarians, small business owners, bankers, high-net-worth individuals, salesmen, fitness instructors, restaurant operators, Beanie Baby collectors, pilots and more. Believe us, if you think your subject matter is difficult to conquer, we can do it!

We specialize in print, digital, broadcast and social media delivery. We’ve created online video series, graphic novels, websites for the blind, coffee table books, 100 percent recyclable publications, Facebook games, Jib-Jab videos, magazines in multiple languages and more.

Contact our energetic VP of Marketing and Business Development, Erin Slater, to find out what we can do for your business.

Want to work here? Contact Andrea Scott, our VP of Talent.


Imagination is made of a malleable substance that constantly adapts to meet client needs and expectations. But while we pride ourselves on flexibility, we are firm as a rock on our values.

Our values are:

Passion—We strive to always demonstrate passion for our clients, our work and for each other.

Innovation—We must innovate and discover better, faster, more effective ways to help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Leadership—It is our intent, and our responsibility, to demonstrate leadership in all areas pertaining to custom publishing and content marketing and to educate and inform our clients and business partners.

Quality—Our internal quality standards always exceed what is expected by our clients.

Respect—We will earn the respect of our clients, our employees and our competitors by producing excellent, results-driven content marketing programs and by always showing respect to our partners.


Imagination’s evolution has been gradual: from a small custom magazine publisher to a publisher with an expanding focus on content marketing. From a digital and broadcast media provider with an in-house recording/editing studio to a fully integrated media agency that produces strategic custom media plans utilizing all major distribution channels.

Today, Imagination is the premier custom media agency for B2B, B2C and association clients. And although we’ve always been leaders in the custom publishing and content marketing business, the transformation of the industry and our company in order to match consumer needs has been remarkable. What can we say, we are incredibly adaptable!

In 1994 Imagination Publishing was founded by Jim Meyers. Rebecca Rolfes and Doug Kelly rounded out the staff. The office was located above a Giordanno's pizza parlor with a single client — American Airlines. We had to create a reputation and establish an image in order to compete with larger publishers. So we always went to client meetings with fully developed ideas, prototypes and mock-ups. Later that year, we secured our first association client, the Illinois Bankers Association; our first B2C client, Pier 1 Imports; and our first B2B client, Staples.

In 1996 Imagination Publishing moved to a bigger office in downtown Chicago and added digital, ad sales, and translation capabilities. Motorola became our first technology client, and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds became our first national association client.

In 1997 Imagination Publishing purchased Baumer Financial Publishing in Los Angeles. (Its president, Dick Baumer, remains with Imagination today,) We also added a few financial services clients, including Wells Fargo Bank and E*TRADE.

In 2000 With 30 employees, Imagination Publishing moved to a larger location in an industrial corridor (Elston Ave.), and Imagination was repositioned as a custom media company.

In 2005 Imagination moved to its present location at 600 W. Fulton St. in downtown Chicago. Our branding included the phrase "Passionate Custom Media," to reflect the fact that we were (and are) passionate about our clients and their businesses, custom media, and each other. We reorganized the company into content-specific business units: association, B2C, B2B, financial services, technology. We also built an in-house recording/editing studio and added a full-service digital media department.

In 2009 A new division of Imagination, Association Growth Partners, debuts. The consultancy creates content marketing programs to increase the revenues and membership of B2B associations. Imagination's digital media capabilities now are integrated throughout the organization. In fact, we don't even separate content into "digital" or "print" anymore. The content and its distribution channel are determined by our clients' business goals and our evaluation of the target audience. We create the content and distribute it in whatever form, whenever and wherever the audience wants to consume it.

In 2011 Imagination is considered one of the top strategic content agencies through our focus on print, digital, broadcast and social media solutions. Over the past two years, we have fine-tuned a robust social media strategy and community management offering and have added large CPG clients to our client roster. We continue to produce traditional media in print magazines, websites and email newsletters, but we are on the leading edge in broadcast and social media as well.