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We started with one magazine. Now we work with 30 clients in four verticals on comprehensive content programs, from digital experiences to print engagement, social strategy to video views, podcasts to paid. Things change. Partnering with brands to deliver thought leadership strategy + content + creativity doesn’t.

thought leadership

Our capabilities deepen and evolve as our clients’ goals shift, and as we master innovations in our industry and technology. But the commitment to our founding principles remains the same: creativity with credibility, quality content with strategic smarts, honesty and partnership with our clients, and thought leadership with—yes—imagination.

our thought leaders

close button Jim Meyers - Co-founder, President and CEO

James Meyers

Founder, President and CEO

There’s nothing that brings out James' passion more than custom publishing, content marketing and leading one of the planet’s most talented and enthusiastic workforces.

Taking that dedication to content marking a step further, he served as chairman of American Business Media’s Custom Media Council and was named 2009 Custom Media Innovator of the Year.

Prior to starting Imagination, he was president of Macmillan Business Publishing, where he oversaw six publishing companies including SRDS and other B2B publishers.

James received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising from the Indiana University School of Business, and completed an advanced advertising management program at Northwestern University and the Darden Business School’s Leadership Program at the University of Virginia.

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close button Doug Kelly - EVP, Design, and Co-founder

Doug Kelly

EVP, Design, and Co-founder

As one of the founders of Imagination, Doug once served as the company’s entire design department. Now he’s in charge of the company’s branding, as well as directing the design on print and digital projects.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Iowa State University, he worked as a graphic designer and art director at Hartmarx, Inland Architect magazine and SRDS. Over the course of his career, he has won more than 150 professional design awards. In his free time Doug paints abstract landscapes and plays the drums in rock bands.

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close button Kim Caviness - EVP, Chief Content Officer

Kim Caviness

EVP, Chief Content Officer

Kim is a nationally recognized creative leader in content marketing. She's charged with leading Imagination's award-winning teams to dream up and produce daring, super-smart content experiences that meaningfully connect across channels, delivering thought leadership results that matter to brands and end users.

Before moving to Chicago to work at Imagination's HQ in 2015, Kim headed up content at several agencies, including The Magazine Group in Washington, D.C. She previously worked at Condé Nast Traveler in NYC, Custom Marketing Group in L.A., and American Movie Classics Magazine and the Boston Herald in Boston. She majored in English and art history at Georgetown and got her master's in film at Boston University. Kim grew up in Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanglish.

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close button Todd Cywinski - EVP, Client Strategy

Todd Cywinski

EVP, Client Strategy

Todd loves working directly with Imagination clients to understand their business and marketing objectives, as well as partnering with them to develop strategies and implement content marketing programs. A former client of Imagination who has spent his career working at banks and investment companies, as a management consultant for the financial services industry, and on the agency side, Todd brings a unique and valuable perspective to Imagination and our clients.

A Chicagoan at heart, Todd has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, across the U.S. and (finally) now lives in Chicago again where he spends time with his wife and two daughters enjoying all the live music, theater, architecture, food and excitement the city has to offer.

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close button Erin Slater - SVP, Business Development

Erin Slater

SVP, Business Development

As SVP, Business Development, Erin is responsible for positioning the company’s growth strategy, cultivating partnerships in Imagination’s four vertical markets (financial services, associations, B2B and retail) and growing awareness of Imagination.

Since joining Imagination 12 years ago, Erin has championed the company’s journalistic, high-quality approach to companies looking to launch content marketing programs in digital, print, social and broadcast media. Prior to joining Imagination, Erin worked for Gannett Co. and News Corp. She received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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close button Cyndee Miller - VP, Content

Cyndee Miller

VP, Content

Cyndee leads a wildly talented troop of content rock stars creating everything from white papers to tweets. She works with clients to create cross-channel content that meets their business objectives—and makes readers want to soak up every last character.

Cyndee spent nearly two decades working as a writer, reporter and editor covering marketing and advertising. She double majored in English and French while also working on her college’s grammar hotline. She still enjoys diagramming sentences (sometimes in French).

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close button Marla Clark - VP, Content

Marla Clark

VP, Content

Marla oversees the content teams who support Imagination’s B2B, financial services and retail clients. She is responsible for ensuring that her clients’ business objectives, marketing plans and branding are translated into compelling, executable, multichannel content programs. She also represents and showcases Imagination’s content team brainpower and creativity in new business presentations.

A veteran writer and editor, Marla worked in B2B and association magazine publishing for 13 years before transitioning to content marketing in 2010. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees in English and communications from Wichita State University and joined Imagination in 2014. In her spare time, as the ultimate fangirl, she helps break baseball curses (Red Sox in 2004, Cubs in 2016).

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close button Chris Blose - VP, Content

Chris Blose

VP, Content

With more than 15 years of experience in journalism and content marketing, Chris is all about the story. Whether crafting a single story or a brand's or organization’s strategic narrative, he works to tell the most complete, compelling story to the largest, yet most precise, audience possible.

He and his teams have created award-winning content and programs for leading associations, major medical centers and Fortune 500 companies. When not working on content strategy, he makes music and climbs mountains.

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close button Mychelle Peterson - VP, Content

Mychelle Peterson

VP, Content

Mychelle's expertise in client-side financial services and specifically wealth management content marketing—including five years at Northern Trust—adds firsthand knowledge and depth to Imagination's financial services vertical. Mychelle is highly focused on helping financial services tell strategic, authentic stories to successfully convey their brand’s mission and achieve their audience goals, while challenging them to try new things.

Told she couldn’t combine her love of journalism and theater, she earned her bachelor's degree from Northwestern University in speech and theater but always kept writing gigs on the side. While the theater portion of the degree may not seem practical, Mychelle emphatically asserts that she uses her training every single day.

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close button Tiffany Toft - VP, Design

Tiffany Toft

VP, Design

Tiffany leads an awesome team of designers creating killer work targeting audiences from math teachers to bakers to CEOs. Whether creating an infographic or a print magazine, the team is out to create designs as smart as they are pretty. Of course, that sometimes means tapping into her superpower: translating client goals and requests into designs that deliver.

With more than a decade at Imagination, she knows where all the secrets—and the files—are buried. Tiffany has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Mizzou. She started down the path of magazine reporting, but she didn’t really like writing anything beyond the lede. Designing pages was way more fun. And still is.

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close button Chris Matt - SVP, Financial Account Strategy

Chris Matt

SVP, Financial Account Strategy

Chris’ career is built on content. He has more than 10 years of experience as a strategist, editor, writer and reporter for various print and digital channels and has been leading the strategic development of content programs for financial services clients at Imagination since 2011.

Chris focuses on how content strategy, creation and distribution work together to create the most impactful program for brands and their target audiences. Chris holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota.

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close button Jaime Andriopoulos - VP, Client Strategy

Jaime Andriopoulos

VP, Client Strategy

Jaime knows associations are the O.G.s of content creation. And given that storied history of creating stellar expert content, she loves dreaming up new and creative ways for associations to kill it in content marketing.

Jaime partners with Imagination’s association clients to ensure the resources, time and efforts behind all that great content are backed by a solid strategy rooted in brand and business goals.

Prior to joining Imagination, Jaime worked for several global associations and received a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the Chicago craft beer scene or cranking out a classical tune on her violin (but, no, she will not play "Cotton-Eye Joe").

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close button Brandon Wamsat - VP, Strategy

Brandon Wamsat

VP, Strategy

Since being introduced to content marketing more than a decade ago, Brandon has led and launched some of the most integrated and strategic content programs in the country. With expertise in both B2B and retail markets, Brandon and his team develop and produce integrated content strategies that drive client business and marketing objectives.

Brandon began his career in operations and program management before moving to client strategy, most recently serving as a group account director for Manifest. A California native, Brandon moved to D.C., where he led a strategic account team at TMG Custom Media, before moving to Chicago just in time to see the Cubs win the World Series. His passion extends to everything he does, enjoying life one moment at a time.

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close button Janet Ortaggio - SVP, Finance

Janet Ortaggio

SVP, Finance

Janet oversees all financial aspects of Imagination, including accounting, banking, insurance and the company 401(k) plan. A native of Chicago, she received her bachelor's degree from Northern Illinois University. Janet is a CPA and a member of the Illinois CPA Society.

Janet began her accounting career with Deloitte and later worked at Carson Pirie Scott and Co. and the Chicago Sun-Times and the Sun-Times Media Group. She has relished watching Imagination grow and evolve for the past 18 years. When she's not crunching numbers, Janet loves to travel (recent trips include Brazil and Ecuador) and check out Chicago's theater scene.

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close button Jennifer Plasch - VP, Project Delivery

Jennifer Plasch

VP, Project Delivery

Jennifer leads a multitalented group of project specialists in Imagination’s delivery department. She began her career in commercial postproduction and production and then moved into Chicago’s illustrious advertising industry: advancing project management excellence for award-winning clients such as Frito Lay, Corona, KeyBank, Porsche, Mars Wrigley and Walgreens. Prior to joining Imagination, Jennifer led an in-house marketing department for an international sporting goods company.

She brings a deep understanding of exceeding client expectations while working seamlessly with agency execution processes. With a truly integrated background across all media, she has successfully implemented practices and processes aligned with delivering best-in-class ominichannel work.

A passionate animal advocate, Jennifer spends her time outside the office heavily involved in rescue locally and nationally. If you are considering a new family member, she would be ecstatic to provide assistance.

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close button Connie Otto - VP, Production, and GM, DC Office

Connie Otto

VP, Production, and GM, D.C. Office

With nearly 30 years of experience in publications and content marketing, Connie makes customer service her daily priority. Connie ensures the print solutions for Imagination’s D.C.-based clients flow smoothly and works with print partners to keep costs under control.

Experienced in all phases of magazine production, she has instituted processes that track publications through editorial, design, production, ad trafficking, printing and distribution. Before joining Imagination in 2016, she was SVP of operations at TMG Custom Media since 1987. When weather permits, she loves gardening and taking microphotography of flowers and birds.

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close button Rebecca Rolfes - EVP and Co-founder

Rebecca Rolfes

EVP and Co-founder

Rebecca has been a journalist and editor since first being published at 14 (it helps when your family owns a newspaper). She has worked in both the United States and Europe in every medium—print, both newspapers and magazines, broadcast, film, digital and social. She's done everything from translations to speechwriting. Nothing, however, has been as challenging and rewarding as helping found Imagination and building it into an award-winning custom content agency.

Rebecca earned dual bachelor's degrees from the University of Kentucky in English and French. She holds a Maitrise en Politique Internationale from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles. She is the author of The Competition Within: How Members Will Reinvent Associations. Rebecca hates snow and so works remotely from a sunny office in Savannah, Georgia.

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close button Colin Gildea - Director, Development

Colin Gildea

Director, Development

Colin oversees Imagination’s talented and growing digital development team. Working with agency and client stakeholders, Colin and his team ensure that all of Imagination’s digital creations (websites, newsletters, apps) are infused with digital creativity and quality.

Colin graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in economics, but decided after graduation to pursue his true passion of web development. Colin spent 10 years as a full-time web developer and now enjoys leading development teams.

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close button Shaun Ruddy - Director, Video

Shaun Ruddy

Director, Video

Shaun oversees the creative direction and operations of the video department at Imagination. He leads a highly skilled, innovative team of producers, video editors, animators and videographers to tell stories creatively and effectively in a visual medium.

Growing up on a healthy diet of blues music and documentary films, he believes in the power of our storytelling tradition and that a good story has the ability to connect people in profound ways. Shaun graduated from the film program at Columbia College and went on to work in many roles in the film/video industry. He's worked as an optical printer, negative conformist, animator and film editor.

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close button Tyler Knudtson - Director, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Tyler Knudtson

Director, Digital Marketing & Analytics

As director of digital marketing and analytics at Imagination, Tyler oversees the digital strategy, distribution and metrics reporting efforts across all accounts. With his team of digital marketing analysts, he helps ensure that the stellar content created by Imagination is seen by the right people in the right places at the right times.

Tyler is from Verona, Wisconsin, a suburban town aptly dubbed Hometown USA. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in finance and business management, Tyler braved the wild west of retail management, leading teams at four different Target stores over five years. He also has a master's in business administration from the University of Oregon.

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Tyler exploring the many corners of the Midwest with his wife, Whitney, and spending an embarrassing amount of time managing his fantasy football team.

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