Podcast: Personalization matters more than just "thinking young"

Get future-proofing lessons from millennial marketers. Lesson one: Think beyond the stereotypes.

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HOST: Jaime Andriopoulos
FEATURING: Christina Orda Tagle (American Academy of Pediatrics), Meg White (National Association of Realtors), Matt Davenport (American Chemical Society)

In the rush to think young and capitalize on trends, don’t forget an important fact: Millennials are individuals, too. While some are snapping selfies and sharing listicles, others are happy to sink their teeth into a longform story or binge-watch a series of videos.

And guess what: Pretty soon, you’ll be hearing just as much about Gen Z as you do about millennials. The better you are at marrying big-picture trends with personalized preferences, the better you’ll be at reaching your association audiences, regardless of their age.

Get to know our guests

Aside from being smart marketers in the association world, Christina Orda Tagle, Meg White and Matt Davenport have something else in common—they all won Association Media & Publishing’s 2017 Emerging Leader Awards. They've also offered insight about the future of association marketing.

published: August 08, 2017

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