B2B Strategy

Imagination believes an effective and manageable business-to-business strategy is the backbone of every successful marketing effort. Whether your business wants to connect with other businesses, or align your brand with similar-minded companies, a working strategy is the foundation of strong results.

Relationship Strategy

  • Target analysis and research, psychographics and technographics
  • Concept ideation and creation
  • Strategic plan for driving business objectives, including
    channels, tactics, integration planning
  • Account management, reviews, and quality assurance
  • ROI measurement, analysis and recommendations

Content Strategy Creation

  • Editorial consulting, planning, benchmarking
  • Channel iteration and integration
  • User-generated content solicitation, management and moderation

Once the strategy is completed and Imagination implements the tactics by channel, Imagination prepares frequent reports on key performance indicators, which include analysis and recommendations for consumer engagement moving forward.