associationNation Episode 10: How to raise your member voices

Member voices add credibility and expertise. They add authority and authenticity. Bottom line: They keep you real.

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HOST: Jaime Painter

The idea that associations should focus on their members seems like a no-brainer. But serving members through content can go beyond just thinking about their needs.

Who knows those needs better than the members themselves? In this episode of associationNation, we cover how to use your members' experience and expertise in content as subject matter experts, sources, subjects, authors and even on-camera personalities.

Member voices add credibility. They add authority and authenticity. Bottom line: They keep you real.

Get to know our guest

As senior director of communications and PR for AACC, Molly Polen has called on members—highly technical clinical chemists—to be storytellers and content creators for the association's magazine, newsletters, video content, member forum and more. The result: Content that blends expert credibility with emotional appeal.

published: March 14, 2018

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