associationNation Episode 12: The voices of association content marketing

Association marketers from AM&P's annual conference weigh in on the challenges, opportunities and future of member-focused content.

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HOST: Jaime Painter
FEATURING: AM&P Annual Conference Attendees

On this episode, we’re taking a look at the status of association media in 2018, with input from special guests: you, our audience of association marketers.

If you attended AM&P's 2018 annual conference, you may have seen us recording in the lobby. We were lucky enough to capture the content smarts of our association colleagues: everything from your content wish lists to your biggest challenges. Now, we’re happy to share them with you.

Get to know our guests

  • Linda Busche is senior writer and editor for the National Restaurant Association.
  • Amy Suhajda is communications manager of National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
  • Chris Okenka is assistant director of brand and creative at Turnaround Management Association.
  • Stephanie Holland is assistant director of advertising sales and marketing with American Chemical Society.
  • Justin Jacques is associate editor at Water Environment and Technology Magazine with the Water Environment Federation.
  • Seiche Sanders is editor-in-chief and publisher with ASQ, American Society for Quality.
  • Meg White is managing editor of REALTOR Magazine.
  • Raj Mukhopadhyay is executive editor of C&EN Brand Lab.
  • Rachel Ledbetter is managing editor for National Science Teachers Association Press.

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