It Takes Imagination Episode 3: Creativity in your inbox

Are you making the most of your email outreach? Get best practices—and the three words that'll get readers to open any email.

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HOST: Kim Caviness (EVP, Chief Content Officer, Imagination)
FEATURING: Kristin Hillery (Invision)

In today’s crazy, changing world of distribution, the email inbox is still one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience. Knowing the basics of best practices and next-level creative ideas will help ensure your emails are opened—and not sent to the trash folder.

There are plenty of articles and podcasts complaining about the “always on” world. This isn't one of them. Here you'll find advice for connecting in such a world—and a celebration of creativity in email marketing.

Get to know our guests

  • Kristin Hillery is content marketing manager at InVision, a product design workflow company. The company's In blog was voted No. 1 by Forbes in its Top 25 Digital Design Blogs, and the In email program and newsletter has hit 2.5 million subscribers and growing.

  • Shad Kunkle is a Second City alum, master improviser and friend of Imagination who lives through the creative process every day.

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