22 resources to help you nail email

Find out what to read and whom to follow to hit inbox gold.

BY Lydia Gordon
Director, Analytics & Insights, Imagination

Email marketing is having a moment.

I’ve heard that a lot recently—but email marketing has always been having a moment, so what’s new? Nothing, really. Marketing leaders rediscover the power of email every time the wheel of exciting new channels and tactics turns. In fact, email is one of the only true constants in the digital marketer’s rotating arsenal of tools.

Digital true north that email may be, it still sees hurdles and roadblocks, industry innovations and landscape shifts. Long gone are the days of managing lists in spreadsheets and sending plain text messages via mail merge. More recently gone is the era of batch-and-blast promotions. We’re now in the age of hyper-personalization, complex marketing automation, account-based marketing and predictive analytics. And all of this should affect how we think about email.

It’s no longer a stand-alone tactic, or even a stand-alone strategy. Email needs to fit holistically into your larger marketing ecosystem to engage prospects and customers through content. If we’re going to intrude in the personal space of our prospects’ inboxes, we better have a good reason. We need to be offering individualized communication at the optimal moment, ideally triggered by a hand-raise action, whether that’s a newsletter sign-up, abandoned shopping cart or other web behavior. That’s a tall order, but these email thought leaders are here to guide us through it.


HubSpot: Email as an integral piece of big-marketing thinking.

Emma: Your hip email BFF.

Freshinbox: Inside baseball for email design.


Email Design Podcast with Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez of Litmus. Covers everything from email foundations to breaking industry news.

Marketing Over Coffee with John Wall of EventHero and Christopher Penn of the University of San Francisco. Nerd out weekly about how tech impacts marketing.

Original Research

Marketer Email Tracker: From the DMA, 2018 state-of-the-industry report. It's U.K.-based, but still relevant for U.S. marketers.

Email Marketing Benchmarks: Mailchimp, March 2018. An annual benchmark report worth its salt.


Email Marketing Rules by Chad White. A go-to, ground-up reference chock-full of key checklists and best practices.

How to Win at B2B Email Marketing: A Guide to Achieving Success by Adam Holden-Bache. This book takes B2B email from strategy to setup and design to campaign analytics.

You Should Test That: Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Profit or the Art and Science of Optimized Marketing by Chris Goward. The subtitle says it all.


Really Good Emails: Exactly what it sounds like.

EmailMonks: Best practices galore.

Emailmonday from Jordie van Rijn: Email life lessons.

Email on Acid: How-to’s and inspiration.

Community Hashtag

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Thought Leaders

Genna Matson: Email development and design.

David Baker: Digital marketing macro-trends applied to email.

Kristin Bond: Co-founder of networking site Women of Email.

Kath Pay: She knows absolutely everything.

Dan Oshinsky: All newsletters, all the time.

Chris Arrendale: Deep dives into privacy and security.

Jeanne Jennings: Email program optimization hacks and best practices.

published: January 21, 2019