3 LinkedIn opportunities your brand might be missing

LinkedIn’s capabilities keep expanding. Are you keeping up?

BY Jordan Berger
Imagination Contributor

From hyper-targeting tools to lead generation efficiencies, LinkedIn is becoming a social giant to be reckoned with. Yet many marketers who have cracked the code for other social networks don’t always know where to begin with the “professional” network.

It helps to know where to start and what’s available. Use the platform to your advantage with these three opportunities.

Go prospecting

LinkedIn’s account targeting capability can mean direct access to the key prospects that matter most to your business. Here’s how it works: Compile a list of company names that top your prospecting list, upload the list to LinkedIn, then target content directly to people working at those companies.

You can make this approach as sophisticated as you want by going deeper, too. For example, to reach decision-makers, layer on demographics targeting such as seniority, industry and geography. Keep an eye on audience size, though, to ensure it’s statistically significant enough to gauge performance and pursue optimizations. It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure each content update achieves 10,000 impressions before optimizing.

Integrate LinkedIn efforts with email

Strengthen your brand’s user journey across email and social by activating LinkedIn’s contact targeting capability. With this tool, brands can build custom audience segments by uploading email lists or syncing LinkedIn with a contact management platform, such as Marketo, Eloqua or LiveRamp.

Once you build the right segments, you can tailor campaigns to target content directly to prospects or known contacts in accordance with where they are in the user journey. For example, if a prospect has received an email from your brand, you can then start nurturing that prospect through targeting him or her with a LinkedIn content piece.

Capture high-quality leads—seamlessly

With the launch of LinkedIn’s lead gen forms, it’s never been easier for brands to deliver relevant education to a hyper-targeted audience, while at the same time collecting valuable information from these high-value audience segments.

The tool’s power is its simplicity. It offers a pre-filled form, complete with a user’s LinkedIn profile data, which makes for a seamless user experience. Your audience receives exclusive thought leadership content—with a minimum barrier to entry. Your brand captures high-quality leads to inform ongoing efforts. Win-win.

published: July 13, 2017