Podcast: It’s time to tap into LinkedIn

The professional social network has grown up and gotten a new job. Are you ready to put it to work?

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HOST: Jaime Andriopoulos
FEATURING: Dan Horowitz (LinkedIn), Erica Pyatt (LinkedIn), Jordan Berger (Imagination)

There was a time when LinkedIn felt like a job site. It was where you went to update your digital resume or maybe snoop on where a former co-worker ended up. Maybe you were curious to see who viewed your profile.

Well, those days are long gone. The professional social network has grown up and gotten a new job. It’s a natural fit for associations since so many build their communities around a profession. On this episode of associationNation, we get the scoop on how to leverage all that the platform offers (even if you don’t know about it yet) straight from the experts from LinkedIn.

Get to know our guests

Dan Horowitz and Erica Pyatt are both part of LinkedIn’s advocacy & government team, which means they spend plenty of time thinking about the connection between the social network and thought leadership. They offer perspective on how to get started, how to go from an organic beginning to smart investments, and what to watch for in the future.

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