Podcast: It's time to futureproof your association

Why it's time to redefine your association's future—and tips for doing it.

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HOST: Jaime Andriopoulos
FEATURING: James Meyers (Imagination Founder, President and CEO)

Picture association members a mere two decades ago. When they wanted information about their profession, their industry, their interest—whatever bound them together as a group—they turned to their association magazine or journals.

When they wanted to network, association conferences were a no-brainer. When they wanted training or the latest research from their fields, they turned to you.

That’s because just two decades ago, the internet simply wasn’t the same creature it is today. Today, members can find the info they seek with a quick search on a device that fits in their pockets. And usually, it’s free. When they want networking, they turn to social networks and live events. Even the competition for industry training has grown.

That’s why associations that want to survive and thrive need to futureproof. They need to look at content that sets their credible expertise and authority apart from the abundant but questionable resources at their members' disposal. They need to find audiences of all ages and demographics where they live and work.

That’s what we’re talking about on this episode of associationNation: How do you redefine your association’s future.

Get to know our guest

James Meyers, Imagination's founder, president and CEO, started the company in 1994 with one airline magazine and three employees in a loft above a Chicago pizza restaurant. It’s now a comprehensive content marketing agency with offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C., so Meyers knows the value of futureproofing firsthand.

published: December 18, 2017

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