Podcast: The power of public content for associations

Your content marketing vision and approaches change when your audience is the general public.

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HOST: Jaime Andriopoulos, VP, Strategy, Imagination
FEATURING: Jon Torrey (Think About Your Eyes) and Deirdre Middleton (American Optometric Association)

If associations can tell stories that elevate their profession or industry in the public’s eyes, it’s a win. If you can share knowledge that leads the public to recognize the value of what you and your members provide, even better.

But how do you change your messages and tactics when your audience is the public, not members? This episode offers insights and lessons learned.

Get to know our guests

Jon Torrey is executive director of Think About Your Eyes, a public-facing campaign that stresses the need for and value of comprehensive eye exams and other eye care. Deirdre Middleton is director of strategy and advocacy communications for the American Optometric Association, a partner in TAYE whose members ultimately provide that eye care.

published: October 25, 2017

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