Podcast: The secrets to creative leadership

Get advice on bringing out the best in a creative team, from brainstorming techniques to knowing when to say "no."

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HOST: Kim Caviness
FEATURING: Steve Wiens (Microsoft Story Lab), Shad Kunkle (Second City alum)

On this episode, we cover one of everyone’s favorite topics, creativity—specifically creative leadership. How do you bring out the best in a creative team, from knowing when it’s the right idea, to the right brainstorm approach, to the best way to say “yes” and “no"? We get expert insight from Steve Wiens of Microsoft Story Labs.

Get to know our guests

  • Steve Wiens is creative director and founding editor of Microsoft Story Labs, where he leads a team of content marketers telling stories about tech and more.
  • Shad Kunkle is a Second City alum, master improviser and friend of Imagination who lives through the creative process every day.

Brainstorming bonus

Download the crazy 8 brainstorming template mentioned in this episode, and get info on how to use it. Do you have other tips for brainstorming or creative leadership? Email Kim Caviness with feedback.

published: December 04, 2017

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