Infocomic: The Case for Customer Experience

Here's how and why retail is rethinking personalization.

BY Jim Shadid
Imagination Contributor

In retail, the personal experience still matters. Calvin Content is on the case.

The Case for Customer Experience: Retail Rethinks Personalization

written by James Shadid, art by Matthew Sargent

Shame, they had the best hats.

Made me wonder if he was wise to the angles... Hey pal, your sign is gonna keep customers away!

They're all online! What's the point?

  • 73 percent of retailers generate sales from a website...

Before gettin' too excited, check out page 4.

He just needed a little motivatin'. And I could use a new hat.

  • ...but 79 percent still generate sales from a physical store.

I'm Calivn. Can I step into your shop?

Nice to meet ya, Calvin. I'm Frank

You've got a good shake, Frank. That's somethin' you can't see on a website.

Don't get me wrong: digital roads are worth drivin', but customers also dig a knock out upclose and personal experience.

Uppin' the ambience was a good start.

Hey boss, check the photo. I got a retail case with a story to tell.

Always on the job, Calivn.

Calvin's onto something. Needs you at Frank's. Bring your crew.

You got it boss.

  • 59 percent of consumers want stores to have an inviting ambience
  • Retail sales grew 4.2 percent in 2017

But with so much shopping online, paying rent is for saps. Plus, I can't keep enough inventory here anyway.

Personally, I like trying on hats in front of a mirror.

He wasn't seein' the big picture yet. Wasn't considerin' the experience.

And when it comes to inventory, you don't want your store cluttered anyway.

Calvin's right. That's what order-online, pick-up-in-store is for.

You got here fast.

It's what we do. I'm Ashley, and I want to help you build a customer experience.

Think showroom. Think conversation. Think surprise and delight. Think I need a coffee.

Follow the numbers. Your data drives what you display, which I'm guessing Ashely already scoped out.

Sure did, it's all here.

Digging into your data can help you know your customers and personalize your message.

  • 39% of retailers ranked the ability to turn customer data into intelligent and actional insight as one of their greatest challenges.

You're saying I can base my sales message on my customers' purchase habits?

Simple as that.

Wheather on Insta, Email or window shopping, give your customers a choose-their-own retail adventure, baby.

It was about the right messages through the right channels, and Frank was pickin' it up.

Right, being online isn't enough. You need to connect with your customers where ever they are. Meet'em on their turf.

But, straight up, I'm not the best at social media.

No problem, Frank. That's our gig.

I'm seein' a content strategy with an omnichannel approach, and it's lookn' golden.

In a time when consumer demands drive retail, retailers gotta stay relevant and personal, and consistently offer value. That means content. That means us.

You taking about a partnership?

You got the prodcut and the customers, and we can cruise the convo through all the channels.

Freein' you to discuss the finer points of clothing and style trends.

After all, 78 percent of consumers want a sales associate with a deep knowledge of the product range.

And that's you Frank. take it away.

published: August 09, 2019