It Takes Imagination Episode 6: The right ingredients for culinary content marketing

Food is ever-popular and everywhere. So how can content about food stand out and whet the appetite of food pros and consumers?

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HOST: Chris Blose (Imagination)
FEATURING: Susan Reid (Sift Magazine)

We’re surrounded by images and stories of food—sometimes from friends, sometimes from brands. Food is not just a necessity. It’s culture, at least for those fortunate enough to be able to treat it as a luxury.

So if food is ever-popular and everywhere, how can content about food stand out and whet the appetite of voracious consumers and food professionals? Creativity in culinary content marketing is the focus for this episode.

Get to know our guest

Susan Reid earned culinary cred working in kitchens, teaching well-known pupils such as Alton Brown, and merging her love of words and baking as editorial director for Sift Magazine from King Arthur Flour.

published: August 01, 2018

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