Thursday 3: Content hubs that get it right

Content hubs offer the best showcase for brands’ thought leadership chops. Check out three in action.

BY Kim Caviness
EVP, Chief Content Officer, Imagination

Where does your front-end experience meet your back-end smarts? Where do all your lovely content creations of all types find their home? Where do users get control and personalization while you get feedback?

The mighty content hub.

I’m writing about content hubs in a series for imagineNation, and we’re going deep. Definitions. Benefits. Distribution. The constant state of redesign.

But if you want to start with some examples of what works, this Thursday 3 is for you. Content hubs offer the best showcase for brands’ thought leadership chops, and these three get it right.

Intel's IQ

Intel IQ Why it works:

  • Intel's IQ showcases high-level expertise for a tech-savvy target audience.
  • Filters, based on topics, offer users a personalized experience.
  • Trending/Recommended headlines aim to move readers past a one-and-done experience.
  • A well-executed newsletter reminds you to come back.

GamePlan A

Gameplan A Why it works:

  • Adidas' GamePlan A offers a dynamic, modular design that feels fresh and very on-brand.
  • The content mix deftly combines bylined staff articles (legitimacy!), curated third-party smarts and user-generated content.
  • The topic filters are on the money. This hub knows its audience.
  • The infinite scroll means you never run out of things to discover.


99U Why It Works:

  • 99U serves as the education arm of Adobe-owned Behance.
  • The design-forward experience serves its B2B audience well.
  • The hub drives to an expert mix of content types and formats, including books and magazines.
  • It reinforces community credibility by showing number of views.
  • It spurs action with savvy CTAs.
published: April 27, 2017

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