What fintech companies are (and aren’t) getting right with content marketing

Our analysis shows they understand the power of content to engage their audience, but there’s room to grow.

BY Arianna Hermosillo
Content Director

Unlike traditional banks, fintechs can’t count on in-person experiences to build relationships with their customers. This puts outsize pressure on their digital marketing game—and outsize opportunity, too. Some brands are leaning into content to gain the trust of their audience, but that’s not the case across the board.

We reviewed 15 top fintech brands to determine what they’re doing right (and wrong) with their content marketing strategy and execution.

Content marketing do’s in the fintech space

  • Having a central resource center or blog: Out of 15 brands, 13 have a free, centralized place online where customers and prospects can learn how to manage finances, hear from thought leaders and explore tools. Not only are these content hubs helping them build brand authority, they are leading users down the funnel, too.
  • Leveraging video storytelling on social: Most fintech brands we reviewed are very active on social media and know to go all in on video on those platforms. Video is a key storytelling medium, and social media is a great place for featuring timely updates, presenting charismatic thought leaders and sharing general messaging. One superstar? Ally Bank’s “The Bright Side” video series on Facebook that highlights positive stories and its partnership with a media influencer.

Content marketing don’ts in the fintech space

  • Posting the same content across platforms: While most fintech brands have a presence on social, they tend to stop there. They aren’t tailoring the content and messaging from platform to platform, instead opting to post the same thing across all of them. Each platform has its own technical requirements, of course, but also has unique audiences. It’s not one-size-fits-all. The good news? Tailoring your content to each site doesn’t have to be a heavy lift, as Hootsuite reminds us.
  • Neglecting the power of email: Email continues to have a moment as a medium for getting content in front of audiences. Surprisingly, not every brand we analyzed had an easy-to-find newsletter signup. Need help building your email strategy? There are plenty of resources available to make your emails appealing to your audience.

When it comes down to it, many fintechs offer similar products and services to their customers, so those aren’t the differentiators. But the stories they tell and the education they provide are. Start exploring your brand’s purpose beyond products and services and use content to share it in a way only you can. Learn more about how brand purpose fits into financial services marketing.