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23 Resources to Boost Your AI IQ

Books, podcasts, thought leaders and more to increase your smarts about artificial intelligence.

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AI isn’t new. In the ’40s, leading thinkers like scientist Alan Turing began experimenting with the potential of smart machines in earnest, with a steady stream of engineering feats advancing ever since. Today, there’s no questioning that we’re at an inflection point. No longer a luxury or a novelty, AI is doing real work. Amazon knows what you want before you do. Your iPhone can tell if you’re depressed, and Netflix can pick which shows you’ll like. And, what’s more, your marketing can run without you. That is, if you know what you’re doing, AI-wise.

That’s why a working knowledge of AI technologies like machine learning, computer vision and neural networks is so essential for modern marketers. While you don’t need to memorize every line of code in these algorithms, you do need to understand the basics—and know how to leverage this new tech for all it’s worth. Consider this your invitation to take a deep dive into AI. Or at the very least, to hop in for a dip.

1. Books

Artificial Intelligence in Practice: How 50 Successful Companies Used AI and Machine Learning to Solve Problems by Bernard Marr with Matt Ward. Case studies bring AI to life in this 2019 release.

Artificial Intelligence for Business: What You Need to Know About Machine Learning and Neural Networks by Doug Rose. How do neural networks mimic the human brain? You’ll learn that and more.

Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI by Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson. Research from 1,500 orgs informs this management playbook for AI success.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications by Jim Sterne. Want to tap into AI marketing but not a data scientist? Here’s your guide.

2. Newsletters

Applied AI: Research firm TOPBOTS offers actionable tips and trending topics—in other words, what you need to know.

Actionable AI Content: From the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, this newsletter is by marketers, for marketers, and as practical as the name suggests.

3. Thought Leaders

Fei-Fei Li: AI pioneer and Stanford computer science professor advocating for human-centered tech.

Adelyn Zhou: Author and speaker at the intersection of tech AI and marketing.

Timnit Gebru: Computer vision researcher looking at AI’s impact on society and race.

Ronald van Loon: ROI-driven business leader focused on all things digital transformation, including AI.

Andrew Ng: Stanford educator with a passion for machine learning.

Christopher S. Penn: Passionate advocate for the power of AI in marketing.

4. Original Research

2019 AI Predictions: Six AI Priorities You Can’t Afford to Ignore by PwC. Must-read takeaways for execs (and those of us aspiring C-suiters).

Notes From the AI Frontier: Modeling the Impact of AI on the World Economy by McKinsey Global Institute. High-level look at this technology’s financial implications, projected to be in the trillions.

5. Podcasts

AI in Industry: Hosted by Daniel Faggella, founder and CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. How does AI drive business value? Industry leaders from retail to defense weigh in.

Data Skeptic: Hosted by Linh Da Tran and Kyle Polich, creators of the blog of the same name. Short primers and longer interviews with data science movers and shakers.

Linear Digressions: Hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe. Conversational and informative intro to some of the biggest topics in AI.

6. Hashtags




7. Online Course

AI for Everyone: This beginner-level course is designed to help professionals of all backgrounds boost their organization’s AI chops.

8. Videos

How AI Can Save Our Humanity TED Talk by Kai-Fu Lee. Deep dive into the transformational power of deep learning.

What Is Artificial Intelligence? In 5 Minutes by Raj Ramesh. Straightforward explainer that manages to demystify dozens of AI terms.

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