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Content Performance

Performance analytics tell the story of content’s full potential as much as they reveal performance. Our ongoing analysis enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions needed to achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

closeup of data
closeup of data

Other Services

Content Strategy

Harness the power of analytics

Content marketing is only successful if you can prove its value. To do so, you need to measure content’s strengths: visibility, engagement and authority. This content success engine framework makes it easy to identify opportunities.

Test & learn

Accelerate your content program with A/B testing. By reviewing patterns, significant data variations and audience behaviors, we uncover insights and optimization opportunities.

Reports & dashboards

Reviewing data analysis, insights and recommendations on a monthly basis is the best way to continually improve an ongoing program. Real-time dashboards empower your team to take the pulse of performance. With a comprehensive performance analytics approach, we review: 

  • Campaign efficiency 
  • Channel performance
  • Audience segments
  • Audience engagement
  • Content and creative performance
  • Native advertising campaign transparency and accountability
  • On-site user behavior
  • KPI trends over time
  • Experiment results
  • Overall program analysis


Measurement planning

KPI and goal setting

Monthly and quarterly reporting

Thought Leadership Index™

Content Performance Score™

A/B/C test planning and management

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Thought Leadership Index

Our proprietary, data-driven benchmarking tool is the first of its kind to provide clear, actionable insights into whether your thought leadership content is resonating with your intended audience and how it stacks up against the competition.

Content Performance Score™

With our proprietary measurement methodology, we can help you identify optimization and distribution opportunities with the lowest investment and highest impact to promote long-term program growth.


The 9 benefits of content hubs for your brand

If you’ve got a story to tell and thought leadership is your content marketing mantra, there’s no better format than a content hub.That’s because content hubs are the heart and soul of a brand’s data-driving, editorially innovative, audience-hustling content marketing program. It’s your brand storytelling meet-up, your online home for visitors new and old, your […]

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