Promoting an app? There's content for that

How to make your app more discoverable.

BY Lauren Mastbaum
Imagination Contributor

Mobile apps are vying for discoverability more than ever. In 2018, the App Store hosted more than 2 million products, with little space on the platform itself to advertise. (Better make that image, title and description count!) What can grab a consumer’s attention—and loyalty—is content marketing. In the spirit of its close relative, journalism, let’s tap the trusty 5 W’s to explain this strategy’s magic:

Who: Your target audience

Before creating content to market your app, first ask: Who’s your user base? What are their ages, interests, locations? Deeply knowing your target audience will help you develop material that’ll resonate.

What: Your app's value

Here’s where apps diverge from other products: You’ll need to pay attention to App Store optimization (ASO). Like SEO, ASO can boost your app’s ranking, impressions, shares and reviews. Infuse your marketplace listing with popular keywords that best describe your value proposition.

Where: Tell people where to find your app

Use tools like BuzzSumo or platforms like Quora to gain insight into how your potential consumers are talking about your app’s niche. Better yet, visit industry forums to tap into specific communities and provide helpful answers with links to your app.

When: Distribute content to reach users pre-launch

Generate buzz before launch. Publish content about your topic across a mix of distribution channels, such as guest blogs and native ads. Then there’s the juggernaut, social media: 95% of adults online follow a brand on social. Once your app is live, CTAs should move from top- and middle-funnel content toward bottom-funnel links to download.

Why: Tell them why it's important

Viral content marketing is an inexpensive way to gin up interest in a product. The best way to influence sharing? Fortify your content with strong emotion and clear value. Make your audience feel their pain points are being heard—and show how your app can solve for them.

What can grab a consumer’s attention—and loyalty—is content marketing.

published: September 13, 2019