John Ball

Senior Director, SEO & Digital Strategy

“SEO today isn't about earning traffic. It's becoming the foundation of digital marketing strategy to drive true business results.”

John has spent the better part of the last decade leveraging his journalistic background to drive performance for digital marketing programs.

John Ball’s Insights

Woman looks at her phone while she is Kayaking on a lake

How Audiences Search for Content

Today, 8.5 billion searches are conducted every day. It’s now second nature for consumers to turn to Google to find the answers to their questions. Sadly, 91 percent of content gets no organic traffic from Google, according to Ahrefs, which speaks to how competitive the fight for content visibility is. Search is a constantly evolving […]

How Search Algorithms Work

Google is notoriously tight-lipped on the specifics of how its proprietary algorithms work. It has been up to diligent SEO practitioners over the years to uncover trends, dig into the algorithm update announcements that Google makes, track the data and test variables to develop best practices on what matters most and how to get content […]

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