4 starter ideas for video creativity

You have the tools and the will. Now get the ideas.

BY Linda Formichelli
Imagination Contributor

Tools for video creation are abundant these days (and often free), and the platforms are ready and waiting for your video creations. But what to put in those videos? Here are four ideas for video content that works well for B2B brands and associations.


We can all take a lesson from Home Depot, which makes videos that explain everything from how to choose a microwave to how to install a vanity light—all in just a minute or two. Chances are, some of the business leaders or industry members in your target market are confused about how to use your offerings. Quick how-to videos can boost your audience’s confidence while establishing your brand as the go-to expert.


If your brand makes or does something that ties into current events, why not create a mini doc that educates your audience on a newsworthy topic? An excellent illustration of this idea comes from Netscout, a network performance management firm, which hired legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog in 2016 to create a documentary that “examines the past, present and constantly evolving future of the internet.” Its YouTube trailer has been viewed more than more than 632,000 times as of this post's publishing.

Case Studies

Viewers can relate to people recounting, on camera and in their own words, how they realized their dreams using your product or service. For example, Shopify showcases video stories from some of its most successful entrepreneurs.

Behind the Scenes

Give your audience a peek into how your business works to foster transparency. Starbucks did this when it gave app users a behind-the scenes tour of its largest location through augmented reality video in late 2017. For each portion of the tour users completed, they received a badge; those who collected all the badges were gifted a special selfie filter.

For the B2B brand, why not give prospects and clients a look at how you develop new features for your project management software, a day in the life at your commercial real estate firm or a candid intro to some of the employees who strategize your consulting packages?

published: November 01, 2019