Infographic: Data rules for dominating Google

Without analytic insight, content can't be king.

BY Nick O'Mara
Imagination Contributor

In the world of content marketing, the use of data insights is no longer optional. Your content won't be king if you don't know how to capitalize on trends and make sure it reaches the right audiences.

But how does it work? Get an example below in the form of "blockchain," a common topic in financial services marketing with ample content opportunities.

Infographic by Nick O'Mara and Abby Schmeling

Marketing for financial services is boosted by a data driven strategy

We all know content presents an opportunity to generate more traffic and in turn, more business. By acertaining what an audience's interests are within a topic, using data and analytics to target common searches and identifying where your business objectives align is how your company can capitalize.

published: April 08, 2019