How Office Supply Brands Are Reaching Newcomers in the Work-From-Home Era

By focusing on productivity and comfort, brands are using content to connect with remote workers.

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Working from home has gone from company perk to business essential in the wake of COVID-19, and office suppliers are using content to reach audiences still adjusting to remote working.

About a third of people in the U.S are working from home because of the health crisis, and 35 percent of those have said they hope to continue doing so even in a post-pandemic world.

To accommodate this situation and encourage productivity, some companies provided stipends to their employees so they could create their ideal workspaces at home. GoogleShopify and Twitter, for example, gave employees $1,000 each.

We took a look at some major office supply brands with this new work-from-home environment as the backdrop. Here are three ways they are using content to reach customers:

Repurposing print content online

With so many people at home and in front of a screen, one major home office supplier is leveraging magazine content online to expand its audience reach.

Staples’ Worklife magazine grabs customers and prospects at the top of the funnel by offering advice on topics like choosing the right collaboration software and maintaining a sense of community with a remote team. To give that content a second life, Staples is repurposing some pieces online, ensuring that valuable content gets to magazine subscribers as well as audiences online.

Additionally, establishing a relationship with readers through insights that can improve productivity helps bring them back to Staples when they’re looking for a comfortable chair or set of supplies to use in their new home office.

Empowering people with in-home virtual demos

For a first-time remote worker, putting together a workspace that is both comfortable and functional may be daunting. Some may find it helpful to make an office plan—and that’s where virtual demos shine.

Home office furniture sellers like Wayfair and Macy’s, although not traditional office brands, are featuring 3D room planning functions on their sites. Starting with basic dimensions, users can create a digital version of their space and then place the brand’s products within that room to bring their vision to life.

This interactive experience allows customers to see products in action and helps establish these brands as one-stop shops for furnishing a new work setup.

Prioritizing wellness for a new workday

The line between the workday and relaxing after work used to be as simple as stepping onto an elevator. With remote work, however, it’s increasingly difficult to keep the lines from blurring. Office suppliers that use content to discuss work-life balance can help create a successful connection with customers.

For example, Office Depot is advising remote workers to keep all work materials away from living spaces, choose home office decor colors that promote a sense of calmness and relaxation, and seriously consider the ergonomics of a desk chair.

Throughout the articles on its content hub, Office Depot links to its own products to help readers achieve the optimal at-home work environment. This is just one way that home office brands are working to stay top of mind as remote workers set up new spaces.

The home office industry is not the only one finding new opportunities in the current environment. Check out how we think the healthtech brands are using content.

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