4 Ways the Online Gaming Industry Can Level Up Its Content Marketing

Our analysis of online gaming and esports brands reveals simple shifts companies can make to reinvigorate their marketing efforts.

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The gaming industry has exploded in popularity over the past decade. In 2019, the digital gaming industry—comprising mobile, PC and console games — brought in more than $120 billion in revenue, according to a year-end report. Further, the global esports market is projected to reach $1 billion in revenue in 2020, with the North American market bringing in more than $250 million.

Like any industry with a large and loyal following, gaming and esports brands should seize any opportunity to engage with their audience. Still, many brands prioritize one-off product updates over building relationships with their consumers. That’s where content marketing can provide a pivotal competitive advantage.

We reviewed more than a dozen brands and their content marketing efforts, and found these opportunities:

Go in deeper on product and event updates

Online gaming brands that want to rethink their content marketing approach don’t necessarily need to start from scratch. There are ways to leverage a product or event update in a useful and meaningful way, going deeper than a quick hit of information. Some people in the online gaming sphere have a fair degree of technical knowledge about the platforms they’re using. Don’t be afraid to give readers a behind-the-scenes look, like this blog post from Niantic Labs, at how a game was made, while still providing the essential game, event and product updates that your audience is expecting.

Adopt a journalistic approach to content

Online gaming brands should start thinking like journalists. This means creating content that’s well-reported and offers context and insight into how their products will fit into the future of the industry. Brands like Microsoft have leveraged this tactic to give consumers an idea of how their technologies are helping transform daily lives for the better.

Put people and stories first

Well-reported, analytical content is just a start for gaming companies. From there, showcasing real people and real stories can help brands make real connections with their audience. Feature interviews from prominent people in the industry, such as this Bandai Namco Q&A with voice actors for its game Tales of Arise, to help foster a deeper connection with your customers. This allows your audience to get to know some of the people and stories behind their favorite games and technologies. Plus, with designers, voice actors, composers, professional esports players and more, the stories are endless.

Build a helpful content hub

Nearly half of the brands we reviewed did not have content hubs. Of the half that did, most companies relied on press release-style updates on products and events to keep their customers engaged. Only two companies maintained a comprehensive content hub that went beyond surface-level product and service updates. Brands that can build a content hub will give themselves an invaluable asset: a place to build trust and credibility with their audiences while showcasing their expertise, storytelling and value beyond products.

Content marketing, when done right, can help gaming brands stand out from competitors and be on the path to enjoying consumer loyalty for years to come.

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