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Summer 2021 Edition

Issue 19 | 2021

Highlights: Nailing down the new content imperative, learning about communication and crisis control from health care leaders, keeping an eye on financial start-ups, and watching out for the latest video and audio content trends.

Issue 18 | 2020

Highlights: The future of content in a pandemic age, why print (and QR codes!) are back in fashion, all there is to know about today’s SEO, and a peek into three startups’ toolkits.

Issue 17 | 2019

Highlights: Why it’s time to re-prioritize video, how content marketers can create more meaningful journalism for audiences through segmentation, customization and automation, and what content pros need to know about UI design.

Issue 16 | 2019

Highlights: When you should gate your content (or not), how to ID if voice is right for your brand, what makes B2B food content shine in a saturated landscape, and which content hub KPIs you should track.

Issue 15 | 2018

Highlights: How to measure your thought leadership, what millennials really want from a bank, why future-proofing your association starts with looking back, and how semantic search is changing the SEO game.

Issue 14 | 2017

Highlights: A detailed look at inbox intel (and why the email workhorse matters more than ever), surprising insights straight from Gen Z, and a heady look inside the world of content marketing and craft beer.

Issue 13 | 2017

Highlights: Why credible content matters more than ever in an era of “fake news,” the value of content hubs for your brand, and why people are viewing LinkedIn as the missing link in social strategy.

Issue 12 | 2016

Highlights of this special issue dedicated to creativity: Why tech companies are leading in content marketing creativity, why you need more than beer and nap pods to jump-start a culture of creativity at work, and how can content marketing creativity survive an algorithm-driven search for sameness?

Issue 11 | 2016

Highlights: How to set strategic priorities in omnichannel programs, why content is identity and storytelling is just a tactic, how to make content your audience will actually want to consume, and how to know if AR and VR video is right for your brand.

Issue 10 | 2015

Highlights: Differentiate your brand through storytelling, the power of going small with big data in B2B, how to strengthen domain authority, and keys to shaping customer experiences through content.

Issue 9 | 2014

Highlights: Content marketing’s senior moment, how to tap into the power of influencers, how to connect with an overlooked persona named Dad, how B2B can better leverage subject matter experts, and a close-up with a pub we love: mono.kultur.

Issue 8 | 2014

Highlights: The rules of online marketing, how to navigate regulation in cutting-edge content marketing, content’s next big wave: amplification, and questioning the meme bandwagon.

Issue 7 | 2013

Highlights: Why content is a business driver and not a buzzword, the ways B2C is jumping on B2B’s content wagon, a Q&A with Walgreens CMO Graham Atkinson, and the role of anthropology in the virtual village of content.

Issue 6 | 2013

Highlights: An interview with branding expert Joe Jackman on content and brand reinvention, how to create quality content in real time, the power of purpose in content strategy, and why print is not dying—it’s thriving.

Issue 5 | 2012

Highlights: What the fashion industry can teach content marketers, where brands and individuals begin and end on social media, B2B’s unique advantages in social, and what makes a modern brand.

Issue 4 | 2011

Highlights: an investigation into branding and transparency, the connection between always-on-information and creativity, and the power of data visualization.

Issue 3 | 2011

Highlights: Top marketers’ ROI and creativity success stories, how to connect with millennial moms and Gen X, what CEOs really need from CMOs, and how associations can reimagine marketing.

Issue 2 | 2010

Highlights: A conversation with top CMOs on what drives them creatively at work and personally, the design-profitability connection, and the future of magazines.

Issue 1 | 2009

Highlights of our launch issue: Ways to revolutionize your association content marketing, an all-tweet interview with star chef Rick Bayless, and the hit department “Hit or Miss” is born.

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