Video Marketing

Video marketing builds trust between brands and audiences by evoking emotion through visual storytelling.

Not only is video one of the most engaging ways to tell a story, it can change consumer behavior. To capitalize on its power, video needs to be fully integrated into a wider content program and analyzed for its efficacy.

Tap into a preferred media

People often prefer watching a video over other content formats. In turn, search engines and social channels alike prioritize video content.

Easily communicate complex topics

As both a visual and audio medium, video helps translate hard-to-explain concepts into immersive experiences.

Diversify content formats

Integrating video offers the opportunity to repurpose topics in a different format, reaching new audiences and distributing information anew.

Maximize your video marketing investment

Think beyond video as a singular long-form visual, and incorporate video packages into your content marketing program that maximize distribution and atomization possibilities.

Video possibilities

Every video starts with a solid strategy. Knowing the target audience and distribution channels informs the video types, lengths, and overall voice and tone. It also allows for the identification of production efficiencies to maximize a project’s budget and impact. Some projects are all about volume and consistency, and others are about thinking big and staying fresh. No matter the need, Imagination tailors every production to the client. We have our specialties — and we’re excited to share them — but uncharted waters are our playground. Ready to try something new? We are, too. 

Live-action video productions

  • Narrative videos
  • Documentary-style 
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Event coverage
  • Live social videos
  • 360° video

Motion graphic videos

  • Animated infographics
  • Explainer-style videos
  • Podcast and magazine teasers
  • Narrative animated videos
  • GIFs

Social packages

Custom social packages get the most mileage from your videos. These packages can include live action and motion graphic videos:

  • YouTube pre-roll ads
  • 15-, 30- and/or 60-second social cuts of live action and motion graphic videos, optimized per channel specs
  • Vertical videos for Instagram Stories and IGTV
  • Stills and/or GIFs from existing videos, optimized


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