Infographic: A 5-step storytelling guide for content marketers

Every day, your employees hear how your customers or your members are overcoming challenges. Find out how to capture and tell those stories.

BY Nick O'Mara
Imagination Contributor

The people you work with are sitting on a mountain of stories that could elevate your content marketing program: tales of innovation, success, lessons learned and often practical knowledge that your audience craves.

Create a system for capturing storytelling inspiration

What you need is a system to gather those stories—and then tell them in the most engaging way possible. Below are the basic elements needed to turn untapped potential into strategic storytelling.

Infographic by Nick O'Mara

Use storytelling marketing to connect with your audience

Your audience, whether they be customers or prospects, want to know how what you do relates to them. What better way to do that than use raw examples of real people using your product or service?

However, to be effective remember to consider who your audience is, how to distribute your content, and what resources you need to produce quality content.

published: May 24, 2017