Imagination and Staples Win for Best Print Publication at the Content Marketing Awards

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Imagination and Staples have won Best Print Publication at the 2022 Content Marketing Awards (aka the CMAs) for Staples Worklife magazine. It’s been a rewarding partnership with the team at Staples, and we’re proud of the recognition the magazine has received from the Content Marketing Institute. But even more importantly, Staples Worklife has allowed the incredible people behind the Staples brand to shine through engaging storytelling and cutting edge design, while also sparking new conversations and strengthening existing relationships between Staples and its customers.

About Staples Worklife magazine

Disruptions have rocked the world of work. Business leaders face numerous challenges: low employee engagement, high attrition rates, malware attacks and more. Staples set out with a strategy to position itself as a solutions provider and a thought leader in the work-life space. Staples Worklife magazine exemplifies the brand’s voice as the smart, friendly colleague at work who offers helpful advice. Articles feature tips from business experts as well as recent research on workplace trends. After spending some time with Staples Worklife magazine, team leaders have tactical advice that will help them and their employees work and collaborate more effectively.

As part of Staples’ brand refresh, one of the new objectives for the company was to showcase the people behind the brand. To achieve that, we needed to tell the stories of the people behind the brand. In a recent issue, we wove in internal Staples SMEs to showcase their expertise. For example, Staples’ head of technology answered crowd-sourced questions about tech challenges in the “Problem Solver” advice column. 

Brand magazines can be highly effective sales tools, and Staples Worklife is no exception. The magazine is used an icebreaker to prompt conversations between Staples’ sales team and its top business clients. To facilitate that dialogue without pushing products, we find subtle ways to incorporate helpful office supplies that solve common workplace challenges. For example, in a recent feature titled “A Better Way,” an illustrated guide offers tips and tech tools for mastering video conference setups.

Staples Worklife is distributed to decision-makers and problem-solvers at companies around the country. In 2021, we covered the biggest trends in the workplace: the Great Resignation, mental wellness, Gen Z employees, hybrid work, sustainability and DEI initiatives. 

As we all navigate new ways of working, Staples—and its knowledgeable staff—will continue to be a helpful, engaging resource.

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